Sparling earns Young Veterinarian Award

Dr Tanya Sparling has been recognized as a doctor — a DVM who has graduated in the last ten years — who has made a significant contribution to the profession. See the full story at

Why do our pets need an annual exam?

An annual exam is very important. It helps us keep track of small changes in your pet’s condition — changes that may alert us to health conditions or concerns that need medical attention. It’s easy for us to tell our doctors when we’re not feeling well (we can talk!) but our pets rely on us … more

National Dental Hygiene Month

We are celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month at Tantramar Veterinary Hospital. Ask us today how we can help keep your pets teeth happy and healthy for increased optimal health! Test Yourself How much do you know about your pet’s dental health? Take the quiz today to find out! Follow the links below for some interesting … more