Smudge’s story

SmudgeFor the first months of my life I was alone and living outside. I didn’t have a family and no one loved me. I spent my time trying to find food and somewhere to sleep at night.

At the end of October 2007 a nice lady saw me eating out of a garbage can and felt so sorry for me. The nice lady called Dr. Gina and asked if she could help me find a home. They both knew that I wouldn’t make it if I had to live out in the cold all winter. The nice lady and Dr. Gina said they would help pay for me until I could find a home. I was so thankful!

Everyone thought I was just a little 3 month old kitten because of my size, but when they looked in my mouth and saw all my adult teeth they realized I was really about 6 months old. I hadn’t been able to find any good food, so I didn’t grow like I should have.

Because of the first few months of my life I am a very special cat. I will probably never grow as big as a normal cat, but good things come in small packages. I also need to eat only my special food in small meals because when I was on my own I hurt my tummy eating anything I could find just to stay alive.

I needed someone who wanted to keep me as an indoor cat. Even though I had survived out on my own, I thought everyone was my friend and that could get me into trouble. I was up to date on my worming, flea treatment and even my vaccinations!

I was ready for a new family. I loved to play, cuddle, chase my dry food across the floor, cuddle some more, talk and did I mention I like to cuddle? Everyone who met me said I was a pretty special character. I couldn’t wait to find my forever home!


Great news. A really nice girl came and saw me. She fell in love with me right away and filled out all the paperwork. She came and picked me up. Now I have my forever home and feel safe and loved. Thank you everyone.