One person’s trash…

…is another person’s treasure.

My new life began with a box. There was life before the box, but I figure my second chance started in this box so I don’t talk about before that. I remember being shoved into the box with another female, and our three kittens.  I remember it being crammed in there. I remember it being dark.

Lune, with kittens

I was the oldest (although we were all very young) and wanted to take care of the others. We didn’t have any food or water. I hope that someone would come along soon.

There were dozens of holes poked in the box, but it was the end of August and already warm early in the morning. We could hear noise outside, but couldn’t see anything. We all sat quietly and listened until we could hear someone coming. Maybe it was the person who had left us here and we would get to go home.

The box moved. The person stopped moving around. We listened. Suddenly the top of the box opened and the sun poured in. Squinting, I could see the outline of a person against the sun. The top of the box closed and we felt ourselves being lifted and brought through the doors.

Cats abandoned in boxWhen I looked around I could see all kinds of equipment. It was clean and bright in there, and you could hear animals in another area. While I made sure everyone was ok, I could hear the people talking about how many animals are abandoned by their owners. Just because this place was a vet clinic didn’t make it ok.

The vet came to see us and check us over. She said that we were in good condition and very friendly which would make it easier to find us homes. We were just all happy to be out of that box and finding a forever home sounded like such a nice thing.

The veterinarian and her staff took care of us over the next few months. She made sure we were fed and kept comfortable. We were tested for both Feline Leukemia and FIV to make sure we would stay healthy in our new homes. Our vaccinations, worming, and flea treatment schedule were started. They even gave us all microchips so that if we ever get lost from our new homes we will have a way better chance to be reunited.

The other mum and I no longer needed to take care of our kittens. They were ready for their own families. The vet says we’ll never have to worry about raising kittens again and that we can just enjoy our lives.

As the oldest, it was my responsibility to make sure everyone was always ok. Slowly, I have watched each of the kittens and the other mother each find their forever homes. They’re with people who want them now and are happy.

After three months I found my forever home. A nice woman came to the clinic and took me home. I am so happy here and even have two new dog friends. Boxes are now just for sleeping and playing!