Why do our pets need an annual exam?

An annual exam is very important. It helps us keep track of small changes in your pet’s condition — changes that may alert us to health conditions or concerns that need medical attention. It’s easy for us to tell our doctors when we’re not feeling well (we can talk!) but our pets rely on us to catch symptoms of illness as early as possible.

Dogs and cats need annual physical exams to help them achieve their optimal health. With proper care and routine veterinary supervision, your pet will lead a longer, healthier life.

Cats typically visit veterinarians about half as often as dogs. Reasons for this vary, but often it’s related to the difficulty involved in removing a feline from its home environment and transporting it comfortably to the vet clinic. Talk to us about strategies that can be used – everything from pheromone therapies to carriers designed to minimize anxiety — to make regular vet visits with your cat easier.

What can I expect from an annual exam at my vet with my pet?

Annual exams are tailored to meet the needs of your individual pet, taking into account factors as diverse as breed, size, temperament, age, activity level, living circumstances and past medical history. Routine vaccinations and parasite prevention plans are common elements of an annual checkup, and diagnostic tests may be recommended to aid in identifying underlying diseases. From your baby’s first check-up to your senior pet’s annual wellness exam, we can help you ensure your loved one enjoys the best health possible at every life stage.