Success Stories

Thrown away, now here to stay

Life can be hard for a cat. Sure we’re good at marching around like we own the place, but just because we can survive on our own doesn’t mean that we should. I spent almost a year living out on my own. The leaves were changing when the students came back from their vacations and … more

One person’s trash…

…is another person’s treasure. My new life began with a box. There was life before the box, but I figure my second chance started in this box so I don’t talk about before that. I remember being shoved into the box with another female, and our three kittens.  I remember it being crammed in there. … more

Smudge’s story

For the first months of my life I was alone and living outside. I didn’t have a family and no one loved me. I spent my time trying to find food and somewhere to sleep at night. At the end of October 2007 a nice lady saw me eating out of a garbage can and … more